First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

Hi, I might be only 12 but I know a lot of things about the bible, but maybe not everything. I know that you have to be saved to go to heaven and people say well how do you know your saved and then I ask them are you saved they say yes I say how are you saved if you don’t know what it means. Some might say they hate God and I ask do you believe in him they say no I say how do you hate something that doesn’t exist. I know what Christ did for everyone he didn’t just die but he died for our sins so we could go to heaven and not to hell for eternity. He made it so we the sinners could go to heaven.


Steven pioneer

Chapter 4

This trip wasn’t to bad but bad enough. We had gone even farther west but had to stop because apparently the river we had been walking beside of had a lot of gold in it. S  we stopped and I thought the miners would come back saying they chased by a bear or something but instead they came back a week later and had 100 pounds f gold each. I was surprised, and even better one of the miners was our uncle so 30 pounds came to us.” We were rich” I thought but really since a lot of people had gold it was worth only $30, and the worst we spent it all on food for the horses and supplies for the horse. When we got to a village named Retsacnal we found out that ox were better than horses, so we spent all our money on nothing. We bought 3 ox and 1 mule, I don’t know why we got the mule but I loved it anyway. After the trip at Retsacnal we walked on a long trail with a lot of animals. I had a idea that we could get the animals and trade them for the money we needed to replace the money we spent on the horse’s. I keep a bunny as my pet and I named him fluff. And I’m bringing him west with me.


Chapter 2

I had a toy named Muffins Junior. He had a white face and brown legs, and one day I went to the vet. That place where they give you shots and dogs bark at you. I went into a room where I sat on this chair and the white coated man took away Muffins Junior to sit him on a visitors chair. We stayed abut 1 hour and when we were done I got cat treats and we left. Something felt wrong when I was let out of my cage. I had everything my cage, my blanket and my treats. MUFFINS JUNIOR!!! I had forgotten Muffins Junior. I ran down the street and up the hill to the vet. I went inside my room but nothing was there. I walked out of the vet slowly and when I looked up at the counter I SAW MUFFINS JUNIOR!!! I jumped up on the counter and put him in my mouth and walked home with him, and when we got home I tucked him in my cat bed. I will never trust the vet again.

Steven the pioneer

Chapter 3

Today we started to head west. Right now we up in the north but at lest we are headed west. There is a rumor that we will have to go through a water way. I hope we do so I can throw the water in my face because I am super tired of walking. And we are passing through a lot of forts. When ever we go past one there are always Indians or soldiers walking around the fort or on top of the fort. One Indian even gave us a head-dress but it was way to heavy and It went over my eyes. There is one place that we crossed that I liked the most it was called the alcove spring. And it wasn’t a water way but it was enough water to wake me up and take a drink. I think the horses liked it too because would not stop giving neighs of joy. The only thing is that there were over 400 horse that were neighing. It was horrible. But the water made up for it, and I hope there will be more springs on the way.

Talking about my house in the German language

Diese ist meine hause th9u3zcvxu

Ich haben ein badezimmer und ein speisezimmer. In meiner badezimmer Ich haben ein bade und toilette und ein spule. In meiner speisezimmer Ich haben ein bett und ein fernsehen. Ich auch haben ein keller. In meiner keller dort ist ein fernsehen und ein washen maschine. Ich auch haben ein kuche und in meiner kuche ist ein spule und insel. danke.

Steven the pioneer

Chapter 2

When we were going west we had to turn around because there was a river that we could not cross. So we had to go north which was horrible because we had to carry about 2000 pounds of food with us. the only good thing about it is that we had bacon, and the sugar made a good pillow. Then the bumps and hills made impossible to sleep during the night and the only place we could sleep was on the 10 foot high boxes of food the was stacked up on each other. And once I almost fell of! But I landed on the sugar and like I said before it was soft, so the sugar broke my fall. And the last thing that was horrible is that almost all of our things like jump ropes and “extra” things like that we had to get rid of because it was to heavy. And that is what is like on a long trip.