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Hi, I might be only 12 but I know a lot of things about the bible, but maybe not everything. I know that you have to be saved to go to heaven and people say well how do you know your saved and then I ask them are you saved they say yes I say how are you saved if you don’t know what it means. Some might say they hate God and I ask do you believe in him they say no I say how do you hate something that doesn’t exist. I know what Christ did for everyone he didn’t just die but he died for our sins so we could go to heaven and not to hell for eternity. He made it so we the sinners could go to heaven.


Summary of chapter 2 part 2

There are many ways to touch something far away. For example, throwing something or launching something towards it. Even if we do launch a cannon ball at the sun it would take 5-10 years to arrive, and by the time it gets there it would melt. We have made it to the moon, but the reason we haven’t landed on the sun is because there is nowhere to land. It is all gases and scalding hot lava. The train I talked about would take longer than the cannon by 10 times. The color of the sun isn’t just red, yellow, and orange, it is made up of almost all the colors but we cant see them. This works by how fast the earth travels, the faster it goes the less colors we see and when the earth moves it makes it so the colors aren’t visible, only the bright ones are shown.

The summary of chapter 2

The sun is made up of many gasses like carbon dioxide. If you were going to the sun in a train going 60 mph it would take over 175 years  to arrive. The sun is also at least 500 time bigger than the earth. The earth is also at the exact length away from the sun so that we don’t burn to death when we go outside, and so we don’t freeze. Without the sun there would be no rivers, no plants, no food, and no life whatsoever. The sun is so bright that you cannot look at the sun with no injury.                                                             

Summary of chapter 1 part 3

People experiment with science every day but they never stop to think we it all came from. It came from God and only God himself. When metal potassium is dropped into cold water it shoots up  like a mini rocket ship because of the reaction between negative positive and freezing water. Negative atoms in the metal potassium get spread out when it hits water and the deeper the more they scatter but with the positive. When the negative atoms move they hit the positive atoms the pressure between positive and negative force shoots the metal potassium ball in the air.

Summary part 2 chapter 1

Snow does not melt by the sun, it melts by the heat of the earth itself. Also, when the weather is cloudy, those clouds are made up of water so when the sunlight passes through the water it loses sunlight so it doesn’t have as much as an effect on the snow if it would when it wasn’t cloudy. The only thing left to melt the snow is the heat inside the earth, which is made up of all the lava and other hot gasses. When the snow lands on the grass of the earth the heat from the core and semi-core melts the snow.


Summary of chapter one

If you don’t believe in fairy tales like sleeping beauty than you don’t know most of what science has to offer. Water freezes and stays frozen until a warmer day, so if there is a pond the waves from the wind will freeze and wont move so  it stays frozen. Or like a fountain, the fountain  freezes and nothing moves. It’s like a magic trick with science. Water will stop and just stay still when frozen. It won’t move, and it won’t drip until its melted. That one thing can create art, it can make magic, it could even make fairy tales come alive. Capture℘℘℘℘℘℘

Monkey Man

Chapter 2

I believe we left off on batman zipping through the night sky in his glowing bat copter, But after he left and I ended the chapter something strange happened. I saw a person flying through the sky but he was doing it vertically and his feet looked like they were being drug on the road but nothing was touching but his cape and clothes. He look harmless but its not every day you see stranger flying around town. I yell for him but after I do he looks at me, we were looking in each others eyes, but his eyes didn’t look good his eyes looked like they were made out of lava with tiny spurring rocks coming out as a arch. He crashed down as hard and as fast as he could. After the dust cleared up I realized he hade mad a crater in the middle of the street. I though “who could this stranger be?” Then I thought back to two years ago when my best friend had died, but it wasn’t a normal death he had been murdered. I saw the mans face the night of the murder. This man I saw was the  murderer of my friend.

Steven the pioneer

Chapter 7

Today we had a war begin. It started when one of our cattle wondered off into the prairie and through a corn field right into a Sioux camp. When we got to the Sioux camp they had all ready killed the cow and were getting for a feast. When they realized their mistake they offered a horse in return. Sargent didn’t accept the gift instead he shot the Sioux leader twice and killed him. After that it was Indians vs Colonists. We don’t really know who won it was just matter who killed who. One time we even got ambushed while crossing a rive but instead the Sioux Indians didn’t hurt us, they helped us. Little Jim was drowning and the Sioux Indians helped save him, in return the Sargent ended the war.